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Most of the site is not updated anymore (since 2002), because of lack of time to translate the new developments. However, because of the growing intersest in Daniel's prophecy's interpertation published on the Hebrew site on March 8 2005, we decided today (March 23 2005) to put here a short English explanation. Afterwards we published the personal message from the Messiah King son-of-David:
Personal message from the Messiah- The Explanation
<Thanks to ErevMoshiach.org and to Lisa Bar Leib of this blog there is now an English translation of the explanation posted earlier in the Hebrew site (with some ammendments to the translation in italics) . As you know, this English site rarely gets updated...>
On Nissan 5 (April 13) we published in our site the following article:
A letter that was received from "HaSandlar" (the shoemaker) from Jerusalem, that claims that he received a personal message from MESHIAH-TZIDKENU (The Messiah), and asks to publish and distribute this letter on the net (the details are reserved in the management, date published: Nissan 5 April 13th).
"BeSiyata Deshmaya
There are two layers: a material (GASHMI) layer, and a spiritual layer.
This world is material (GASHMI), but in parallel to it, there is a spiritual world.
Everything that happens in the spiritual world, affects the material world.
There are KLIPOS ("peels"), our enemies, the "other-side" (SITRA-AH'RA), that grasps us and gives us sorrow, mentally, spiritually and materially.
Anyone with spiritual eyes sees what's happening in heavens. Those with material eyes see what's happening in this world. And the true TZADIKIM (righteous), the simple people who are aware of their own SHIFLUS, and lend a hand for every Jew no matter who, see also what's happening in the "World of KLIPOS ("peels")", down and below, due to their support identification with all Jews.
And your servant is the first to announce with great joy, with the help of HaShem, that in the low world, "KLIPOS world", down and below, in fifty gates of TUM'AA (impurity), all the roots of all the KLIPOS have been felled, and soon we will see, with the help of HaShem, the GEULA (redemption) that we are anticipating, a final GEULA (redemption) with the Messiah son of David, without any losses to any son-of-Israel wherever he is!!!
And in simple words, that arrive with the help of HaShem from a simple man as myself: "In Nissan they were delivered - and in Nissan they will be delivered" - earthquakes, volcanoes' eruptions, land being wiped out, and whole countries being left without remains, and all of this without any son-of-Israel being hurt!!!
All this will happen within a few days from publishing this letter, and all of the important enormous events mentioned will last no more than three days!
The most important MITZVA (commandment) right now, my brothers and friends, is to be rejoiced with the SIMHA of HaShem, who is delivering us now a final GEULA (redpemption), Amen !!!
The Messiah is coming! What about you?
Messiah son-of-David"
This was non-official translation of the letter (The marked phrases were marked by the source). The Hebrew message appears in the Hebrew site, click here to go there.
As is known, over the course of the entire month of Nissan, we did not see the expected events that were told about in the letter and "message". This is the explanation:

Our website "Acharit Hayamim" is in operation now more than 3 years. It began operating about a week after the attack on the Twin Towers in the US, and has continued operating until this day. During this time since the creation of our website, we have tried to bring the words of g'dolei Yisrael from every generation in a way that is relevant to events happening in our time. Sometimes we bring possibilities of new commentary to old things. Sometimes we're right on target, and sometimes not so much. In the past, we predicted here at the website the precise date that the war broke out between the US and Afganistan using the prophecy of Chagai the Prophet. Likewise, we were very decisive regarding the fact that a war will erupt between the US and Iraq, in spite of the fact that during a large part of the waiting period (before the war) it was dismissed by the media commentators.

The g'dolei Yisrael are the ones who are saying that this period in which we are today is the period of the coming of Mashiach. Following the establishment the last Sharon government, the government of the "Erev Rav," which issues decrees "as harsh as Haman's decrees," in the words of the g'mara in Masechet Sanhedrin (one of the signs of Mashiach), nearly all of the Rabbanim in the Charedi circles expressed that it refers to the final period of clarification ("berur") before the ge'ula. Lately, vis-a-vis the expulsion tactics of the government, some of the Dati Le'umi rabbis joined in with this Charedi view, which every day that passes gets more and more backing from g'dolei Yisrael.

In any event, at our website, we've tried as much as possible to be connected to our sources and to g'dolei Yisrael, as much as we could, using new commentary, such as this last one of Daniel's prophecy (note that in the Hebrew site we put a disclaimer on our words saying: "One is not to take these words to be absolute, as there is a lack of clarity of the hidden secrets in the Book of Daniel." And, by the way, already from the outset, an opinion of the Eben Ezra was mentioned there, that things are delayed this month, such that perhaps something will still happen.)

A few weeks ago, we were approached by a tzaddik that we know, and we are not allowed to disclose his identity now, but his nickname is "Sandlar" (not related to the "sandlar" that died many years ago in Bnei Brak, nor is it referring to Harav Shalom Shmueli, shlita, whose name is associated with this context in various places). We are referring to a hidden tzaddik, with whom our first contact was (no connection whatsoever to this website) made by the initiative of another famous and renowned tzaddik who had heard about this hidden tzaddik.

Several weeks ago, the sandlar approached us and asked us to publicize on the internet this special message. Obviously, we were very excited to receive this information, and we did not doubt for one moment its accuracy, due to our familiarity with this tzaddik and our clear knowledge of his powers and knowledge of hidden secrets. We thought that this may be the very reason for our website's existence, especially since these things fit in very well in a wondrous way with what we had previously published regarding the possibility of uncovering the secrets of Daniel's prophesy. And it fit in very well with the increasing excitement that is triggering very optimistic things being said by g'dolei Yisrael recently.

We published the message, and were very careful to write with very large letters (in the Hebrew site) the disclaimer that "this site is not associated with any rabbi, yeshiva, political party whatsoever," in order that the readers will use caution when reading what we've written, without regard to our personal belief.

After publishing the "message," and after a number of days passed, and then more days, there began to arise among us doubts. The problem wasn't our personal belief, rather that these words were published on a website that has an unusual web-surfing traffic that reaches every corner of the world. When we reviewed the letter with the sandlar, he told us in no uncertain terms that the words in the "message" were accurate according to his investigations, but that things seem to be taking longer than what was at first anticipated. So we waited longer, almost to the end of Nissan, and then decided to remove the "message" from the Hebrew website.

The "sandlar" still believes, and feels, and "knows" that the message is true, but it's taking longer to fulfill them. We asked another tzaddik, who is much more known than the sandlar, if he could check into whether the words of the message are true "that in the lower world, the world of 'klipot,' way down, in the fiftieth level of tum'ah, all of the roots of the klipot were severed." His answer was that there was no way for him to know. According to what we understood, this is referring to the Sitra Achra of the deep, where few tzaddikim, if any, are able to understand what exactly goes on down there. And among those that do have some understanding, even they can only reach that understanding by their "feeling" of what is happening. We asked how long, at the very most, will it take to see the fulfillment of these things, if it actually happened in the "fiftieth level of tum'ah?" The answer was there is not sufficient definitive information. It is known that, throughout the entire history of the world, never did such a thing ever occur. The exodus from Egypt happened at the 49th level of tum'ah, and the tzaddikim say that the difference between the 49th level and the 50th level is as great as the difference between heaven and earth. (And we know, according to the Kabbalah, that this is the reason that Hashem expedited the Redemption before the end of 400 years, because had they remained in Egypt a moment longer, they would have sunk to the 50th level of tum'ah, and they would have lost all chance of being redeemed. Today, however, our sole redeeming factor is the Torah that we received, through which we can be elevated even from the 50th level of tum'ah, into which we have sunk in the last generations because of our numerous sins. Ever since the sin of Adam Harishon, we have been trying to recover the sparks of holiness that have fallen to the 50th level of tum'ah.)

The words, as they are, are being passed to you the surfers. If you wish, you may believe that these things can happen at any moment. If you choose not to believe, then don't. We do not have a way to check into these things and to tell you in a definitive way that it is either true or false. If you have connections with true tzaddikim (emphasis on the word "true"), try to ask them if they believe something occurred at the 50th level of tum'ah.

These are the words, and this is the explanation. Our hope/belief is that it is true, and we primarily rely on the sections of the video that were published here (in the Hebrew site, click here for English version from Yiddishkeit.org) that was given by HaRav Ovadia Yosef, shlita, the Rishon L'tziyon HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu, shlita, the Rosh Yeshivat Mekubalim, Benayahu Shmueli, shlita, Chacham Avraham Chai, shlita, and other words that we hear every day, like others who live among our community. Our belief is that in conjunction with the words of the g'dolim, if something is supposed to happen, it's not going to happen later than when the expulsion is expected to take place because two of the former chief rabbis specifically stated that the expulsion will not take place. HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu spoke about "revealed miracles" in the context of the expulsion and HaRav Ovadia Yosef spoke in a similar context that "immediately Mashiach will come."

HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu stated in another video published on another website that these days of Sfirat Ha'omer are days of ge'ula, which can still come. In another place it was publicized that the "number of days" mentioned in the "message" from the sandlar could refer to the Sfirat Ha'omer. Thus, in one way or another, we continue to wait expectantly for the ge'ula, as always, and maybe even more so, because one thing is certain: every day that passes brings us closer by another day to the coming ge'ula. Amen.

"If he shall delay, wait for him, for he will surely come and will not be late." (Havakuk, 2:3).
May you have a good and blessed month.

[Translated by Lisa Bar Leib, wife of "The Maggid of Kochav Yaakov - yearsofawe.blogspot.com for ErevMoshiach.org]

Daniel's Prohecy may have been interperted:
is something BIG going to happen?
The book of Daniel is a coded book. The Talmud says that the Hebrew part of the the book contains the exact time of the Geulah (redemption), but they say that Hebrew words are coded. This was the reason, as the Talmud explains in Megila 3A, that the Hebrew text in Daniel was not interperted to Aramic by Tana Yonathan-Ben-Uziel, who interperted most of the books of the Bible (if he would interpert the coded Hebrew words, everyone would know the exact time of the Geulah (redemption) according to the Talmud). This also means that no English (or any other language) interpertation could get to the real meaning of Daniel's prophecy.

Lately, a surprising approach was given to interpert the last prophecy in Daniel. According to this approach, "Something big" is about to happen, which is related to Israel's Geulah soon.

Becuase of the nature of these explanations, we cannot translate them to English, since they relate to Hebrew grammar and texts. However we can give here a general idea.

In the end of the book of Daniel, he gets a prophecy which announces a number of days from a certain event. The number is 1290 days for the first date, and 1335 for the second date. The English translation of the event is pointless, since the Hebrew text is coded.

According to the latest interpertation, the event is the destruction of World Trande Center Twin Towers, and the hit of the Pentagon on the September 11th terrorist attack against the United States by Moslem militants. The full explanation can only be understood in Hebrew, so read the Hebrew site if you are familiar with Hebrew.

Anyway, decoding the prohecy gives the verse in Daniel the following meaning: "From the time that the `long-thing` has been removed by an unholy fly from the sky, 1290 days". The "long thing" (TAMID in Hebrew, which is interperted here as something with great MIDA (length), according to `HaKtav veHaKabala` commentary on Exodus) is WTC Twin Towers. The unholy fly (SHIKUTZ in Hebrew, refers according to the Torah to unholy flies and fish. MESHOMEM means from the sky, so it is defenately an unholy fly) is the crashing airplanes. This same event is coded also on chapter 11 verse 31 (which is now decoded in Hebrew as: "some will come from the opposing side, and make themsleves dead (commit suicide) in the `temple of strength` (Pentagon), removing the `long thing` (WTC Towers) by the unholy fly from the sky").

Calculating the 1290 days from September 11th 2001 results exactly on Purim's eve: March 24th. 1335 days results at the end of the month of Nissan (May 8th), which is in accordance to the Talmud's prophecy about Israel's Geulah redemption that "was in Nissan in the past (i.e. Geulah from Egypt slavery), and shall be in Nissan in the future (i.e. in the days of the Messiah)".

Pay attention: The IBN-EZRA in his commentary on Daniel says that the calculation of time should be from the begining of the last war (Gog and Magog) itself, of the "King-of- the-North" (USA) against "Egypt" (representing Arabs and Islam). If this is true, the calculation will be delayed in about a month. The first date should be about Pessach, and the second at about Shavuos.

Speculations about what will happen, if this interpertation is correct, are numerous, but the main speculations are: war with Iran (US-Iran war will happen no matter what, according to prophecies, the question is just a matter of time, as it was with US-Iraq war with was propehcied), a great magnitude international terrorist attack, the coming of the Messiah King, or a miracle with undeniable magnitude.

Let's hope and pray for a fast arrival of our King the Messiah, Amen.
Introduction to the site (from 2002)
This is an English summarized version of the comprehensive Hebrew site about the Jewish prophecies that tells us about the September 11th terrorist attack on the United States and about what came next (the war in Afghanistan) and - probably - what comes next.

The remarkable prophecies from Jewish sources, some are thousands of years old, were originally published in Hebrew. After the overwhelming impact over Hebrew-reading audience, we decided to translate and summarize parts of the site to English, for a broader audience, which will probably be interested in these amazing facts.

The site is based on the Tanach (Old-Testament), the Zohar (AKA the book of Splendor, written some 2000 years ago by Rabbi Shim'on Bar-Yohai), the Midrash (written about the same time) the Jewish Talmud (written a few centuries after the Zohar) and Jewish commentators throughout the centuries.